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Washington Duke Golf Club

Yes, we limit registrants in order to maintain low coach to camper ratio of 4:1.

Q: Is registration limited to a maximum number of campers?

Q: Who can attend Duke Academy of Golf?

Boys and girls ages 11-18 at any skill level motivated to improve techniques in all areas of golf. Students will work on every part of their game from long drives to short putts. Focus will be given to physical technique as well as mental components.

Q: Would a 10-year-old ever be considered?

We have allowed students who are 10 when parents have made the request and feel the student would be comfortable with the focused week of golf and being away from home.



Q: Is Dan Brooks actually at the Academy, and does he take a group?

Unlike a lot of camps where the head coach makes an appearance or two during the week, Dan Brooks is a part of every day of the Academy. He has operated this way since our inception in 1998. We do not assign a group to Coach Brooks, so that he can be free to connect with all groups throughout the week.  Also, Coach Brooks generally leads our daily clinic in front of the entire Academy. 

Q: Does the Duke Academy of Golf provide scholarships or financial assistance?

Unfortunately, we are limited by NCAA regulations and are unable to provide financial assistance to the Academy.

Q: What is the Duke Academy of Golf refund policy?

Once a student is accepted, $100.00 of the total payment is non-refundable for any reason. Two weeks before the Academy begins, $850.00 becomes non-refundable.

Q: Confirmation Information and Health Form?

All campers will receive a CONFIRMATION E-MAIL once registration and payment are processed. Campers must have the provided Duke Health Form and Participation Agreement filled out and submitted by check-in in order to participate.

Q: Can I request a roommate?

Roommate requests will be honored. If there is no request, roommates will be determined according to age.

Q: What facilities will campers have access to?

Students will have access to every blade of grass at the Duke University Golf Club. We are honored to have a varsity golf team practice facility which we truly believe prepares our players for every shot they could possibly find on any golf course.

Q: Can a student commute?

We do have students who decide to commute daily. This will take $100 off the cost of the Academy and should be noted on the application that the student is planning to commute.

Q: Can my child travel as an unaccompanied minor to the airport?

Our staff will comply with individual airline requirements regarding minors. For those students who must travel as an unaccompanied minor because of their age and airline policy, the Academy staff will meet those students at the gate when they arrive and will accompany them to the gate and stay with them when they depart. The night before the student’s flight, parents will be contacted with the name of the person who is assigned to their child and the cell phone number of that individual. This information should be given to the airline so our staff will not have trouble getting permission to go to the gate.


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